Part Counts

One of the things we unfortunately left out of the manual is a part count for each part type. Here is the number of each part that you should construct. 

Part Count
Long Straight 19
Half-Length Straight 4
Quarter-Length Straight 3
Long Open Straight 4
Switch 4
Collector 2
U-Turn 4
Large 85 Degree Turn 20
20 Degree Turn 4
Conveyor Bottom 1
Conveyor Top 1
Conveyor Belt 1
Bowl 1
Chimes 1
Funnel 2
Tipper 1
Motor Controller Box 1
Small 85 Degree Turn 4
Newtons Cradle 1

If Levels are Too Big for the Strut

Wall Strut Assembly

Wall Disc Assembly

Straight Part And General Tips

Top Conveyor Assembly

Bottom Conveyor Assembly

Conveyor Belt Assembly

Motor Controller Assembly

Bowl Assembly

Assembling the Chimes

Switch Assembly


Tipper Assembly


Funnel Assembly


Assembling Wall Disks To Wall

Affixing the Top Conveyor to the Wall


Sculpture Assembly Tips