Frequently Asked Questions

  • How big of a wall do I need?
    • The system is modular, so you can use whatever wall space you have available.  We have seen great examples using a 4' wide section of wall, and awesome sculptures taking 10'+ wide spaces.
  • How does it attach to the wall?
    • There are wall discs that are taped to the wall using 3M Command Adhesive strips, which are non-destructive.  No tools are requred for assembly!
  • What is the spacing between the wall disks?
    • 18" between the centers (both horizontally and vertically)
  • Is there an instruction manual?
    • Yes.  There is a manual with instructions on how to assemble the parts.  Your sculpture designs are up to you - be creative!  You can find many examples online (including on our front page) if you want inspiration.
  • How big is one kit?
    • The 4 videos on the front page are each made using just one kit.  It's big!
  • How long does it take to assemble?
    • It takes a good amount of time to glue all of the parts together.  It's a great project to work on together.  One person could assemble all of the parts in 10-12 hours.  

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