Rolling Ball Sculptures Around the World: Oklahoma City

In early March, which seems like an eternity ago, my wife and I visited her family in Oklahoma City. While there, we went to the Science Museum Oklahoma. I hadn't done any research beforehand, but I was hoping they would have a Rolling Ball Sculpture. Much to my great delight, they had not one, but three Rolling Ball Sculptures. One of which was a Gravitram, designed by Shab Levy in 1978.

The other two sculptures were made by Jeffrey Zachmann in 2015 and 2016.

I hope to post more pictures and videos of these as I find them throughout the world.

First up the Gravitram 2.

The second Rolling Ball Sculpture is actually the first one you see when you walk into the museum. It is very large, almost reaching to the ceiling.

I took three videos of this one:

And finally, there was this small but beautiful wall-mounted rolling ball sculpture.


I hope to return to this museum the next time I visit Oklahoma City, some day when the world returns to normal!

- Keith Johnston

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